Brass Against

CEG Presents

Brass Against

Soul Cannon

Wednesday Apr 17

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$17.50 - $25.00

This event is all ages

For any wheelchair or ADA needs, please contact the Box Office in advance of the performance at (202)-769-0122.

Please note that the front row of tables and chairs will be cleared for this show to create a general admission Pit. Be advised that there may be some seated areas where vision of the stage is obstructed.

Brass Against
Brass Against
In this politically challenging era, it’s time to stand up against the machine.

Brass Against is collective of artists, led and curated by Brad Hammonds, who share in the goal of creating brass protest music that calls fans to action. We want the music we perform to sound inspiring and resonate with people’s emotions, encouraging them to act. We combine rock and edgy hip-hop to play music that's powerful and empowering. Brass Against is exceptional music with a political edge.

Below are the artists you could see touring with Brass Against:

Brad Hammonds, Andrew Gutauskas, Sophia Urista, Maya Azucena, Mazz Swift, Amanda Brown, Samuel Hope, Darius Christian, Mariel Bildsten, Frank Cohen, Eli Chalmer, Melissa Gardiner, Wayne Tucker, Oskar Stenmark, Tyler Tritt, Kai Sandoval, Bruce Harris, Kenneth Bentley, Corey Wilcox, Steven Duffy, Nathan Bell
Soul Cannon
Soul Cannon
Soul Cannon formed in 2006 with the joining of minds attempting to dramatically alter the world’s idea of hip hop. Made-for-radio and the underground alike had too long suffered from the colorless confines of a stale culture bound by genre-based identification. The group-think of an artistically numb population, defined by a complete void of originality, created a vast ignorance of the limitless possibilities for music – notes, rhythms, harmonies, sweat, focus, life – to move people in ways still undefined.

The group formed and went to work exploring their collective knowledge and individual impulses to find ways to break through the barriers of mass consumerism. They sought to maintain some of the musical elements that had championed for generations – drive, melody, surprise, climax – and reinvigorated them with some of what had been lost in the shuffle of top 40 hit manufacturing – breath, invention, shape, color, authenticity.

With the creation of the iPod, the proliferation of digital downloading, and the rise of streaming media, the public was obviously listening to music. Soul Cannon sought to give them their time and money’s worth.

The result is beyond genre. It is a voice and style all its own, with all the bump, grind, and swagger of hip hop, the frenetic whirlwind of rock and roll, and the noise, chaos, and freedom of improvisation and experimentation of groups like Sonic Youth and WZT Hearts.

They have attracted the audiences of Baltimore’s 20 years running weekly underground hip hop radio show, Strictly Hip Hop, on WEAA FM, while at the same time winning praises from Avant Garde/ Free Improvisation connoisseurs like Jason Willett (MT6 Records, Megaphone Records) and Swedish label Umlaut Records. Their CD release show in 2008 was listed by Baltimore’s City Paper as one of the ten best shows of 2008, featuring outstanding performances by Baltimore’s J-Roddy Walston and The Business and Pittsburgh’s Grand Buffet. Soul Cannon and their album, Kaboom, have been positively reviewed by Okayplayer, Government Names, Metromix, and numerous other blogs. The Baltimore Sun reported on them as having given “one of the most energetic performances” in the history of Towson University WTMD radio’s in studio performance program, Baltimore Unsigned.
Venue Information:
The Hamilton
600 14th St NW
Washington, DC, 20005