What kind of shows do you have?

Genres: All shows are listed on our website.  Genres vary widely.

Gospel Brunch:  We feature Gospel Brunch on Easter and Mother’s Day.  See our show calendar for more information and to buy tickets.

“An Evening With…”: Shows listed this way do not have an opening act.  The main act will start at the show time listed on our website.

What are the different ticket types available for purchase?

General Admission Seated: Seated tickets are general admission and do not have a seat number. Guests are allowed to save one seat for one other guest. Tables vary in size with the largest seating up to 8. If there is a dance floor be aware that there may be seated areas where vision of the stage may be obstructed.

General Admission Standing: This ticket grants you access to the Standing Room areas located by the bars. There are a limited amount of bar stools and high tops in the bar areas available on a first come first served basis. If there is a dance floor you will also have access to the standing area in front of the stage. The Live menu is available in the bar areas.

General Admission Gold Seated: Gold seated tickets are General Admission Seated tickets which offer a seat in the reserved gold ticket area. This includes the center tables of the first and second row.

Dance Floor Shows: If there is a dance floor for a show it will be listed with the show information on our website. Please note that for these shows the front row of tables will be cleared out. Be advised that there may be some seated areas where vision of the stage is obstructed. There will also be signs on the tables closest to the dance floor advising guests there is a possibility of an obstructed view.

Non-Dance Floor Shows: Standing areas will be restricted to the bar areas for these shows. 

Is there a fee to purchase tickets?

All tickets have service charges.
Box Office: $.50 service charge.
Online: service charges vary with ticket cost and show.

How do I purchase tickets to a show?

The easiest way to purchase tickets in advance is online through our website. There is a small service fee, depending on ticket price.  Tickets are available at our box office (opens at 5:30 pm on show days) with a $.50 service fee.

Ticket types that are available
An up-to-date listing of what is available for each show is listed on our website. Please note that once a ticket type is sold out it will no longer be available for purchase. We cannot guarantee in advance if a ticket type will sell out in advance. Please note that Gold seated tickets  sell out quickly.

Age Restrictions
Any age restrictions will be listed under the show information on our website. Regardless of the restriction, an ID verifying age 21 and over is required to consume alcohol. There is a strict ID check in place for all guests wishing to drink in our venue.  

Confirmation Email
For tickets purchased online a confirmation email will be sent. If you did not receive an email please check your spam folder. 

Shows will be posted on our website as we announce them. Some artists may mention shows on their own social media before the actual announce date. Guests are encouraged to sign up for our newsletter to get up-to-date information on show postings and early ticket sales. 

Please note that tickets are sold for both seated and standing admission. As per our terms and conditions, all tickets are non-refundable.

How do I receive my tickets?

Print from home and bring in the ticket with the bar code to be scanned.

Phone scanning is available by opening up the confirmation email and turning up the screen brightness so the bar code can be scanned at the venue.

Will call is available at the box office. A valid ID or confirmation email is needed to pick up will call tickets. Tickets can also be left behind in another name. 

Transferring tickets: If you would like to transfer your tickets to another person we can release will call tickets or reprint tickets as long as the original confirmation email is produced.

Band guest list tickets: It is possible that the band has guests on their comp list.  Please pick up these tickets at WILL CALL. We do not have advance notice of the names on this list. Tickets are designated as seated or standing by the band and are not able to be upgraded.

Marketing guest list tickets: If you won tickets through a giveaway (radio, social media, etc…) and have questions about your tickets, you can reach out to Megan Guerra, Marketing Manager.

What are your current COVID protocols?
Patrons will no longer be asked to provide proof of vaccination to attend concerts at The Hamilton Live. We reserve the right to make amendments to this policy at any time as conditions change and as government and health officials advise to preserve the safety of our artists, guests, and staff. We are grateful to our fans for the efforts they’ve made to help us keep our concerts safe during this pandemic. If you have any questions about this policy or your ticket order, please reach out to us at tickets@thehamiltondc.com.

When should I arrive at the venue? 

Box office opens at 5:30 pm on show nights.

Lining Up: We cannot predict or guarantee how many guests will line up early. Every show is different and while the doors open at 6:30 pm guests may line up well in advance to get prime seats. We encourage guests to arrive early if they are concerned about getting the best seating. The ground level restaurant is open all day, and guests are encouraged to come in and grab a drink while they monitor the line status on-site.

Saving Seats: Each guest is permitted to save one seat once they are in the venue. Large groups are encouraged to arrive as early as possible to increase chances of sitting together. We do not reserve tables or seats outside of the Gold areas. 

Does the venue have ADA access?

Yes. Advance notice of needed access is welcome so we can assist our guests.  Please call us at 202.787.1000.
Please check in at the box office for assistance. We have an elevator for venue access. Inside the venue, we will provide specific areas as needed for those with disabilities. Please note that we cannot automatically upgrade your ticket, but can assist in finding an appropriate viewing spot.

Is there parking available?

We validate at the ONE PARKING garage at 1325 G Street NW for $12 after 4:00 pm. Please make sure to bring your ticket with you to the venue.

What is the nearest METRO stop?

We are 2 blocks from Metro Center. We encourage artists at The Hamilton Live to be mindful of metro closing times, but we cannot guarantee that shows will end before the Metro closes each night.

Can we make reservations?

We do not reserve specific tables in the venue. Tickets are all general admission and seating is first come first served. 

Is there a dress code?

There is no specific dress code.

What is the specific timing of a show?

Doors: 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted on our website.

Show: Normal run of show has an opener beginning at 7:30 pm Sunday-Thursday and 8:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Openers average a 45 minute set but this is merely an estimate. Set breaks occur and range between 15-30 minutes. Main acts play on average for 90 minutes but this is merely an estimate. Actual timing is not listed or advertised in advance beyond the information listed on the website.

“An Evening With…”: Shows listed as “An evening with” have different timing as there is no opener for these shows.

Kitchen: Closing time of the venue kitchen is determined the day of show but does close before the end of the show. 

We suggest arriving early to secure your choice of seating. In fairness to all guests, you may only reserve one seat for every guest you have present.

Is there food available in the venue?

The Live menu features shareable plates and meals to include appetizers, sandwiches, salads, sushi, pizzas, and desserts. The menu is different from the main restaurant upstairs. A full listing of offerings is available on our website.

The venue kitchen is open before and during the show.  Kitchen closing time is determined on the day of show but does close before the end of the show.

Upstairs Menu
This is not available in the venue. Items from the upstairs menu can be ordered “to go” at the upstairs bars and brought down to the venue to be consumed.

Outside Desserts
Outside desserts have a fee of $3 per person. Cakes can be ordered 48 hours in advance. Please call the restaurant at 202-787-1000 to have a cake form emailed. to you.

Outside Wine
Outside wine is allowed as long as it is not listed on our wine list. Corkage fee of $20 per bottle. 

Are there refunds available?

All tickets are non-refundable unless a show is canceled. All sales are final.

Up-to-date show information is listed on our website. If a show cancels, all ticket buyers will receive an email regarding the specific information.

Any other questions or concerns can be emailed to our Box Office Manager.

Is photography/videography allowed?

No flash photography is allowed.

No professional photography (any camera with a detachable lens) is allowed without obtaining a photo pass. Please email our Megan Guerra, Marketing Manager mguerra@thehamiltondc.com to submit a formal request for a photo pass.  

No video or audio recording is allowed without advance permission.

Small cameras are allowed.  

Signs will be posted in the venue if a specific band or performer does not allow photography or mobile recording.

We invite you to take pictures without flash on your mobile phone or small camera. We encourage you to tweet your photos at @thehamiltondc, share on instagram by tagging @thehamiltonlivedc or #thehamiltonlivedc, or on our Facebook page.

Anyone who violates the photo policy will be asked to leave the venue immediately with no refund. No exceptions. 

If you are interested taking professional photos for publication, please contact the venue directly for photo passes.

How do I meet the band?

Meet and greet sessions after the show are determined by the band. We cannot guarantee any band member will be available to meet guests. 

Guest lists: It is possible that the band has guests on their comp list.  Please pick up these tickets at WILL CALL. We do not have advance notice of the names on this list. Tickets are designated as seated or standing by the band are not able to be upgraded.

Can I leave ticket(s) at Will Call? Can I change the name of my ticket(s) so that someone else can pick them up at Will Call?

We need to see a valid ID or a confirmation email in order to release Will Call tickets. You may pick your tickets up and then leave one behind under a different name at the box office.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

Yes! While we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance, you can purchase tickets at the box office. The box office opens at 5:30 pm on show nights, and the fee is $.50 per ticket.

My favorite artist’s website says they’re scheduled to play, but there’s no mention of it on your website. What’s up?

The Hamilton Live does not list shows on its website until they are officially announced. We strongly suggest signing up for our newsletter in order to be the first to find out when shows are announced and on sale.

Are there group discounts?

There are no group discounts for concert tickets. Please contact us at events@thehamiltondc.com to speak with a manager reserving the whole venue for your event.